Thursday, December 9, 2010

Meet Doolin - the newest member of our family

My hubby wanted a dog for Christmas so I spent a week searching all the rescue places and animal shelters within an hours drive of our house. After talking to Doolin's foster caretakers we decided on this miniture poodle.

He is 2 years old, weighs 11 pounds and has a very layed back, happy go lucky personality. He alreadys knows how to sit, stay and walk by your side. Loves to prance around too. Very funny to watch him put on a show for a doggy treat.


Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

OMG>>>>OMG>>> He's adorable and look how he posed for the camera. Cute, cute, cute!!! Hope he doesn't wake up at 4:00am any time soon! Ahhhhhhh..

Katie said...

Very Cute! I am glad you are enjoying him. It is amazing the joy animals bring to your life. We rescued two kittens the spring before last, sisters, there were feral and only 6-8 weeks old. Their brother is with another friend. And the mother was captured and has been slowly adjusting to living inside with the friend who found them all (he already had two cats). Anyway, everyone is doing well. My girls are adorable. Just thinking about them during the day makes me smile, I love being with them, it is amazing how cute and lovable they are. (This coming from someone who had never grown up with cats and was terrified of them and there claws, I am still quite terrified of other cats claws)(I definitely had a few nervous breakdowns when they were babies) Congratulations! I love dogs! I hope you continue to bond!

Best wishes!